Staying Updated in a Changing Environment

The natural world is evolving at a rate that is hard to keep up with. For most people, it is hard to stay updated on the number of natural disasters, cases of animal exploitation, and industrial pollution that happens on a daily basis. This is why we have a responsibility to be aware of current environment-related events, and why we should consciously search for topics to cover. As the author of this blog, it is my job to inform readers about my possible future blog topics.

One of the first policy-related topics that drew my attention was a blog post by Mother Jones’ environment blog in which they discussed how the government will soon have to identify the parts of the ocean that will be classified as “critical habitats” for endangered whale populations. This post could be further developed with a follow-up post made when the government finally labels the critical habitats. Many environmentalists are bound to discuss the practicality of the areas the government selects, and this would create great subject matter to base a blog post on.

Recently, OnEarth made a blog post about American taxpayers being asked to fund a 60-mile seawall along Texas’ Gulf Coast that would protect industrial facilities along the coast. Creating a conversation about the benefits and drawbacks of the 60-mile wall would be a great way to help readers form opinions about this topic.

The New York Times Green blog wrote about the 2013 annual meeting of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) in which new ideas for energy production were listed and discussed. This meeting happens yearly, and I could write a post talking about the most recent ARPA-E meeting. Expanding on this, a discussion needs to be made about how developed, or undeveloped, some of the listed energy sources are. This could introduce arguments about how workable the energy sources are.

Both Orlando, Florida and the state of California have made recent strides to commit to the goals put in place by the Paris Climate Accord despite President Trump’s recent move to withdraw the United States from the agreement. A conversation on the policies that will be implemented on the city and state levels of government can be put into a blog post.

The Environmental Blog made a post detailing reasons businesses should go green. This sparked an idea to make a blog post that discusses the benefits and drawbacks companies have faced when implementing new eco-friendly policies.

All the blogs in my blogroll focus on issues that scientists and environmentalists have deemed relevant. This will allow my blog to cover both environmental disasters happening in the United States and policies being enacted by state and federal governments to protect the environment.