What’s This Blog About?

Pulling Weeds is a blog written by West Virginia University student Marshall Kesterson. It focuses on the newest developments regarding environmental policy in the United States and current environmental crisis occurring in the U.S. The primary goal of the blog is to analyze the role of the Environmental Protection Agency in the era of United States President Donald J. Trump. The blog will cover topics such as EPA policy changes, analyses of environmental data and newly-released scientific studies, how policy changes impact people and businesses, and the politics surrounding decisions made by the EPA. The secondary focus of this blog is to provide information on environmental policy being passed on both the state and federal levels of government. The purpose of writing this blog is to provide my readers with all the information they need to understand the latest developments in the EPA and environmental legislation while also providing enough context about issues so that they can recognize why the changes are important.

About the Author

My name is Marshall Kesterson. I am currently a senior honors student at West Virginia University. I am pursuing a biology major with a minor in journalism. My future aspirations are to go to law school and study environmental, constitutional, or civil law.

Unnecessary Rambling

Like many people trying to navigate the realms of social media (Twitter is my go-to), I have found myself overwhelmed with the sheer number of stories being released by the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, PBS, CBS, NBC, (insert news acronym here), etc. Although I am interested in many different topics, with politics being my favorite, I have always had trouble connecting all the stories focused on the Environmental Protection Agency. The primary reason this issue has been so pervasive to me is that stories around the EPA can be placed in a wide variety of categories, including Business, Energy, Environment, Climate, Weather, Politics, Policy, etc. This makes it extremely difficult to pin down stories related to the EPA, especially given that many news industries categorize the same story differently. In creating this blog, I have taken on the task of overcoming this atrocious categorization to give my readers the information that I feel is most important to them. That being said, I will provide all of my content in the most unbiased and information-rich way that I possibly can.

Social Media and Inquiries:

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e-mail: mdkesterson@mix.wvu.edu