The EPA Resides In An Orwellian Limbo

The Trump Administration released a climate report last Friday, November 23, that warned against the damage being done across the country as a result of increasing temperatures.

The authors of the report said they are confident that climate change poses a severe threat to American’s health, economy, infrastructure and natural resources. The report sounded alarms about the future of the United States, but it was quickly downplayed by the lack of policy changes being made by President Trump and his administration.

Environmental Protection Agency HQ Credit: Washington Business Journal

When asked outside the White House about the climate report’s findings, President Trump responded: “I don’t believe it.”

However, the world’s leading scientists all agree that climate change is human-induced and is becoming worse with human activity, casting a shadow over the Trump administration’s dismissal of the report.

Following the release of the report, CNN had prominent climate denier Rick Santorum on their AC360 show. He proceeded to suggest, with no evidence, that the scientists behind the report were driven by money.

This comment was quickly and widely criticized on social media, and people were outraged at CNN.

It was recently reported by The Daily Beast that a co-author of the U.S. National Climate Assessment was supposed to have a pre-taped appearance be released on AC360, but it was replaced by Santorum after the show went live.

On November 28 it was reported that Trump’s EPA head, Andrew Wheeler, wanted to distance himself from the National Climate Assessment that involved 13 federal agencies and hundreds of scientists.

The EPA released a “fact-check” that cited the conservative American news and opinion website The Daily Caller.

In an interview with The Washington Post on Wednesday, Andrew Wheeler should be more involved in preparing the next version of the National Climate Assessment.

Wheeler stated that there was “no political review” by the Trump administration done for this report.

On November 27, The Daily Beast reported that the morning show Fox & Friends fed interview scripts to former EPA Chief Scott Pruitt. This led Fox News to discipline the staffers involved in feeding the scripts.

Scott Pruitt was allowed to approve show scripts and dictate interview questions, an action reminiscent of state-owned media.


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