FEMA Chief Brock Long Is Facing Charges Detailing Misuse Of Government Vehicles, And People Are Mad

Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Brock Long has come under fire today for using government-issued vehicles and staff on 40 trips for personal reasons. An internal investigation on Long’s trips found that the trips included a family vacation to Hawaii.

Long was also said to have been involved in a crash when riding in a government-issued vehicle, but his name was excluded from the collision report, according to people familiar with the incident.

Many people were mad, calling the actions corrupt and crooked:

While others found time to poke humor:

Today’s revelations come after the initial announcement on September 13 that Long and Department of Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen clashed with each other over Long’s travel home to North Carolina. Long was the target of an ongoing DHS inspector general investigation into Long’s potential misuse of government vehicles when traveling to his home from Washington.

FEMA faced a lot of scrutiny in the days leading up to Hurricane Florence, and it is continuing to face it.


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